conference topics

  1. Requirements engineering
    Gathering, analyzing and modeling requirements, analyzing and modeling business processes, requirements management;
  2. System architecture design
    Rules for architecture selection, multilayer architectures, distributed systems, real-time and inbuilt systems, knowledge base systems, intra- and internet systems, mobile systems;
  3. Software modeling, design and implementation
    UML tools and methods, security and performance issues, design patterns, component approach, software modeling and analysis, standardization;
  4. Technologies for implementation and deployment of service-oriented systems in computer networks
    SOA systems, Grid systems and services, portal technologies, application servers, distributed component platforms, configuration management, system monitoring;
  5. Software deployment and servicing
    Deployment planning, introducing IT solutions in business practice, user training, bug management, change management;
  6. Software engineering processes and software quality
    Process structure, process measurement and evaluation, quality planning and quality management, verification, validation and testing, reviews and audits, standardization (ISO 9000 series, CMM(I), ISO 15504 - SPICE), TQM;
  7. Technical software engineering management
    Project setup, feasibility study, estimation and planning, change management, risk management, configuration management, client cooperation, project infrastructure, psychological aspects of teamwork;
  8. Executive software engineering management
    Management methodologies, management of production processes, quality systems and process improvement, R&D issues, technology procurement, competence assurance, outsourcing;
  9. Investor-oriented software engineering management
    Determining IT strategies, managing business changes related to the introduction of IT solutions, organizing procurement auctions and negotiations, contractor relations, supervision and control of work progress, quality assurance, deployment strategies;
  10. Open source
    Open-source projects, utilizing open-source software;
  11. Outsourcing
    Outsourcing of IT management, services and projects;
  12. Research programs
    European programs, initiatives funded by the Ministry of Science and Informatization Technology, centers of excellence;
  13. Education and training in the area of software engineering
    SWBOK, academic curriculae, team projects for college students, vocational training

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