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DAIS 2001 Conference, Krakow, Poland, September 17-19, 2001 International Federation for Information Processing

    Announcement and Call for Papers

DAIS'2001 denotes the third international IFIP working conference on distributed applications and interoperability. DAIS'2001 will provide a forum for researchers, application and platform service vendors and users to review, discuss and learn about new approaches, concepts and experiences in the fields of distributed computing. DAIS'2001 will focus on integration and interoperability of different platforms, services and applications, as well as on scalability and management issues and the growing importance of mobile and wireless protocols and applications.
DAIS'2001 includes invited speakers, full technical paper sessions, and work-in-progress presentations. Also tutorials are encouraged.

The working conference seeks original, unpublished papers on various aspects of distributed computing. Areas of special interest include (but are not restricted to):
  • Experiences from development of distributed applications,
  • Enterprise application/platform integration and interoperability,
  • Scalability issues in distributed applications,
  • Extensions and refinements to open architectures (e.g. RM-ODP, OMA, COM+, TINA),
  • Experiences with distributed platforms and their scalability (e.g. CORBA, COM+, JINI),
  • Modelling and analysis of distributed architectures,
  • Components and frameworks for distributed applications (e.g. EJB, CORBA Component Model, application servers),
  • Managing and monitoring distributed applications, including QoS control,
  • Event-driven distributed information dissemination,
  • Services for distributed systems (e.g. location, transaction, security, persistence),
  • Mobile and wireless protocols and applications.
  • Context-aware and adaptive applications

DAIS'2001 seeks submissions for:
  • full technical papers, describing original, unpublished research, in no more than 12 pages (approximately 6000 words);
  • work-in-progress papers, describing on-going work and interim results, in no more than 5 pages; and
  • tutorial proposals describing the contents and targets of the tutorial.
All papers will be reviewed, and accepted full papers will be published by Kluwer. We strongly encourage submissions of papers in Postscript format according to Kluwer style instructions available at http://www.wkap.com/ifip/styles/.

Submission dates
  • Deadline for full paper submissions: 18 February 2001
  • Deadline for work-in-progress papers: 17 March 2001
  • Deadline for tutorial proposals: 10 February 2001
  • Notification of acceptance: 5 May 2001
  • Final versions: 25 May 2001

    Submission method
    We strongly encourage a Web-based submission via:
  • URL: http://www.cs.agh.edu.pl/dais2001/submission
  • e-mail: e-mail submission is also possible:

    Further information
    postal address:
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Mining and Metallurgy
    Al. Mickiewicza 30
    PL 30-059 Krakow

    e-mail: dais2001-info@cs.agh.edu.pl
    phone: +48 12 617 39 82, ext. 22
    fax: +48 12 617 39 66
    URL: http://www.cs.agh.edu.pl/dais2001/

    Conference Chairmen
    Krzysztof Zielinski (chair), UMM Krakow, Poland
    Kurt Geihs (co-chair), University of Frankfurt, Germany

    Program Committee
    Y. Berbers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    J. Brzezinski, Technical University of Poznan, Poland
    W. Cellary, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
    S. Chanson, Hong Kong University of S&T, Hong Kong
    P. Dembinski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    N. Dulay, Imperial College, UK
    F. Eliassen, University in Oslo, Norway
    J. Filipiak, ComArch SA, Poland
    A. Hopper, AT&T Research Cambridge, UK
    J. Indulska, University of Queensland, Australia
    H. Koenig, BTU Cottbus, Germany
    H. Krumm, University of Dortmund, Germany
    L. Kutvonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
    W. Lamersdorf, University of Hamburg, Germany
    P. Linington, University of Kent, UK
    C. Linnhoff-Popien, RWTH Aachen, Germany
    L. Logrippo, University of Ottawa, Canada
    Q. Mahmoud, JavaCourses.com & Carleton Univ., Canada
    E. Najm, ENST Paris, France
    M. Noga, ACC Cyfronet UMM, Krakow, Poland
    T. Plagemann, University in Oslo, Norway
    K. Raymond, DSTC, Australia
    P. Robinson, University of Cambridge, UK
    J. Rolia, Carleton University, Canada
    A. Ruiz, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
    A. Schill, TU Dresden, Germany
    A. Schiper, EPFL, Switzerland
    M. Tienari, University of Helsinki, Finland
    A. Wolisz, TU Berlin, Germany
    A. Wolski, Solid, Finland

    Organisation Committee
    Aleksander Laurentowski (chair), Elzbieta Alda,
    Jacek Kosinski, Zofia Mosurska, Radoslaw Ruchala, UMM Krakow, Poland

    Steering committee
    Kurt Geihs, University of Frankfurt, Germany
    Hartmut Koenig, BTU Cottbus, Germany
    Kerry Raymond, DSTC, Australia
    Guy Leduc, Universite de Liege, Belgium

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